INPIT                     : utilizing search Engine

Summary             : Students give their opinion on cycling

Level                     : Lower intermediate

Time                      : 40 minutes on the internet


Materials provided: photo, worksheet 1, worksheet 2 (Cut up), worksheet 3

Introduction       : In this lesson students think about and discuss the advantages and

disadvantages of cycling and consider what else they could do personally to

reduce their carbon emissions.






lead-in to topic of


show the picture of a the bicycle sign. Say the

bicycle belongs to a man or woman (you choose)

called (say a name e.g. Bob)


create a persona

of a cyclist

Give learners worksheet 1. Tell them they have a few minutes to create a persona based around this cyclist, using the headings to help them.


why cycling is a

good thing  or a bad rhing

Use worksheet 2, cut up, and Ss separate into

good things about cycling and bad things


improving things

for cyclists

Look at the bad things from the previous stage and find solutions


come to an agreement on top

5 improvements

Discuss their solutions and agree on best 5. Then present ideas to class. Feed in language of opinion and suggestion.


link to more areas where learners

can be ‘eco-friendly’

Ask learners if they could cycle to work/school,

why? Why not? etc. Hand out Worksheet 3 for

them to complete alone, then to interview a partner Finish by finding out from whole class how many of these Ss would be able to do… – are any of them impossible etc.



Worksheet 1: Creating a persona


Job                                                                                                     free time



Appearance                                                                                                     Where he/she cycles


Why he/she cycles                                                                      Problems he/she faces when cycling




Worksheet 2: Cut up one set for each group of students. They divide them into

two groups: ‘good things about cycling’ and ‘bad things about cycling.

If you ride a bicycle you don’t use petrol

or other fossil fuels, so you are not

emitting carbon dioxide into the

atmosphere and contributing to climate

change. Ride on!



Cycling in the rain is not many people’s

idea of a good time. You get wet, dirty,

and cold. Not a good way to arrive


We all know cycling is great exercise.

As one doctor told me, in his experience

the longest living people are ballroom

dancers and cyclists.

A bicycle is easy to steal. Even with the

best lock, you might go back to find your

bike only to find its gone

It is hard to know what makes cycling so

enjoyable. Maybe the combination of

fresh air, the smooth motion and the

exercise. Anyway, you soon realise why

people get obsessed!

Sadly many people don’t cycle because

it’s dangerous. Outside Amsterdam or

Copenhagen, road systems often aren’t

designed with cyclists in mind. Car

drivers go too fast, or aren’t properly

trained how to share the roads with


Look how cars have taken over our

cities. The poisonous fumes, the

aggressive speed of these machines

endangering our lives, the traffic jams;

wouldn’t our cities be better places if we

replaced the cars with bicycles?

Not all cities have cycling facilities like

cycle paths and secure bicycle parking.

This can make life very difficult for


On a bicycle you don’t get stuck in

traffic jams. Much of the time a bicycle

is a much quicker way to cross a city

than almost all other forms of transport.

Cyclists are exposed to the pollution from

all the cars, buses and lorries on the

road, and this can take the pleasure out

of cycling.










Worksheet 3: What could you do to reduce your emissions?

Ask questions around the class.

Would you be able to ….?

  My answer Name:
cycle to work instead of driving    
take public transport instead of driving    
go on holiday by train instead of flying    
grow your own vegetables


insulate your home


reduce the amount of meat you eat    
plant a tree


buy fewer new things


have the air conditioning on less    
recycle your rubbish


put solar panels on your roof


turn your heating down 2




Worksheet 4.

Search a text on another sport and describe good things and bad things about  it.

Work in pairs and compare your work.


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