Soal Mid Semester Kelas 7






Mata Pelajaran                 : Bahasa Inggris                                 Waktu                   : 90 Menit

Kelas                                     : 7A,B                                                    Hari,tanggal        : –



1.    Read the text carefully and study the structure of the text

My Uncle

My uncle is a tidy man. He likes to make everything look tidy, so they are nice to look at.

He is about thirty years old . he is still single . His hair is long enough  and tidy. He often combs it. He always puts thing on the proper place.his clothes are clean and meat.

He lives with his parents. He is the only child in his family . he has a personal room in his house. He always makes up his own bed. He cleans the room . His Hobby is gardening . He usually does gardening in his spare time. The garden is small but clean.


Answer the questions based on the text.

a.       What type of the text is it ?

b.      Which paragraph tells us about identification based on the structure of the text above ?

c.       What is the purpose of the text ?

d.      What is the writer’s uncle like ?

2.    Make a simple procedure text by arranging the steps to plant a flower in a good order.

a.       After that, cover the hole with soft soil

b.      Then , dig a hole and put the soil mixed compost

c.       At least , water it every afternoon

d.      First, prepare the flower seeds

e.      Next, plant one seed in each hole.

3.    Read the text and study the structure of the text.


How to Make chicken soto


Things needed :

  • 250 Grams sliced chicken meat
  • Boiled eggs
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Fresh bean spronts
  • Celery

Follow the steps bellow :

  • First, boil the chicken meat until tender
  • Then , fry the ground spices
  • Next, put the fried spices into the pan of boiled chicken.
  • Cook for 30 minutes
  • Finally , serve hot with the other ingredients.

Answer the question based on the text above :

a.       What type of the text is it ?

b.      What is the structure of the text ?

c.       What is the purpose of the text ?

d.      Can you understand the text easily ?,Why/why not

4.    Rearrange the jumbled words into a good sentence

a.       Stamps-selecting-we-now-the-are

b.      Bringing-map-present-is-at-Mr.Mulyono-a-not

c.       Letter-now-are-a-typing-you ?

d.      To-outside-the-dog-stranger-barking-the-is


5.    Fill the blanks with “some” or “any”

a.       There is …water in the tub

b.      There is not …ice cream in the refrigerator

c.       There is …ink in the bottle.

d.      There is …soup in the bowl.

6.    Rearrange the following utterances into a good dialogue!

a.       Is that your hat ?

b.      Yes,that’s right . We are you going to do ?

c.       What are you looking for ?

d.      Yes, it is. You can wear it. What do you think of it ?

e.      Do you want this hat ?

f.        I need a hat

g.       It is good. It is still new, is not it ?

h.      I am going to play tennis.

7.    Fill in the blank with “a few” or “a little”

a.       There is …money in the purse

b.      There are …books in the cupboard

c.       There is… rice in the colander

d.      There are …glasses on the tray.

8.    Rearrange these words to form sentences. Begin each sentence with the underlined word.

a.       Bake-tonight-a-Susie-cake-will

b.      Him-will-letter-write-I-a

c.       Bicycle-repair-Prapto-soon-will-the

d.      Meet-glad-We-to-be-you-will

9.    Arrange the steps to make fried bananas below into correct order.

a.       Fry the bananas in very hot oil until they turn brown

b.      Roll the bananas in flour

c.       Slice the bananas thin pieces

d.      Sprinkle some sugar on top




Follow the follwing steps :

1.       First……..

2.       Then…….

3.       After that……..

4.       Finally


10.     Translate in english

a.       Nenekku sedang memasak nasi di dapur sekarang

b.      Sekarang , ayahku sedang membaca sebuah koran diperpustakaan.

c.       Hartono tidang senang bermain catur

d.       Apakah ibumu sedang minum secangkir kopi ?






***********Good Luck**********


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