Perbedaan Other and Another

// Other is an adjective meaning ‘different’ and is used as follows :- This car park is closed but the other car park is open.
– Some children learn quickly but other children need more time.

Other can also be used as a pronoun to refer to things or people.

– 80% of the students arrive on time.
– The others ( = the other students) are always late.

◊  Another expresses quantity, something extra or additional.

– There are 6 people for dinner but there are only 5 plates.
We need another plate.



These words refer to something different, remaining, or additional.

They are placed before the noun.

Another is used with singular nouns, other with singular or plural.

  • There are other jobs you could try.
  • Where’s the other packet of cereals?
  • Is there any other bread?
  • Have another cup of tea.

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